We Can Be Heroes

DC Entertainment Launches We Can Be Heroes for Horn of AfricaTrends in modern corporate philanthropy include true partnerships and collaborations with leading humanitarian groups for a meaningful cause. We Can Be Heroes with DC Entertainment is one of the most clever I have seen to kick off 2012. This relationship is designed to serve three organizations working to help people in need in the Horn of Africa. And this relationship with Save the Children, International Rescue Committee, and Mercy Corps is for a two-year period. Further, DC Entertainment will match gifts 100% made on these groups' websites directly. In addition, 50% of all sales of We Can Be Heroes merchandise from the WB shop online is split 3 ways among the non-profit partners. Consumers of Justice League franchise will certainly appreciate and support this effort for years to come.  Save the Children, as one, focusses directly on helping the response with the specific lens of children's issues.