US & Int'l2012 - 2015

Persisting in my firm belief that positive action is the best antidote to injustice, I was pleased to leverage this bias when serving as the chief marketing and communications officer of the Anti-Defamation League from 2012-2015, based in NYC. During this dynamic and productive period together we built several new forward-looking platforms and initiatives. These included a new taxonomy for representing the outputs of the ADL's considerable expert work fighting hate and anti-semitism while building a Centennial brand; building new national and regional (27) web platforms optimized for growth; serious expansion of the online platforms overall to include social, peer to peer, and significant year-end 'push' marketing resulting in significant new supporters and revenues with annual revenue increases of 12-15%.

During this time while supervising a team of 20 internal and external professionals in video, art, design, production, writing, and web work we gleaned multiple platinum and gold industry awards together for hard print and digital work.

Marketing & Communications

United States2008 - 2011

After 10 compelling years designing and implementing international programs in Mozambique, Malawi, and Myanmar, I decided to turn my experience, training and skills towards bringing that story home. Since returning to the US to join Save the Children in a new business development role, I have had the privilege to participate in the highly sophisticated US philanthropic market. I have identified a specific niche where I can create value and leverage it to the positive benefit of children.

As an authentic voice working to engage new long term partners in lasting change for children, I work at the intersection of high-level donor relations and program delivery: directly with high net worth individuals, their professional philanthropic advisers for wealth management and strategic philanthropy, and related professionals. In particular, the enormous growth of donor advised funds has proven a rich territory for donor education around program issues in the field while also educating partners on use of illiquid and complex assets for charitable contributions.

Donor engagement across generations, via social media, and through celebrity endorsements has also become a vibrant and creative space for partner development. In the first half of 2011 I was directly responsible for generating over $2,000,000 in private donations for Save the Children,and played a leading role in leveraging fundraising through new social media concepts.

Donor Engagement Strategies

Private Banks (examples) 

  • Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
  • US Trust
  • Northern Trust
  • BNY Mellon
  • Young Student in India

Donor Advised Funds (examples)

  • Fidelity
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Vanguard
  • Schwab
  • Jewish Communal Fund
  • Fairfield County Community Foundation
  • California Community Foundation

Philanthropy Advisors ( examples) 

  • Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors
  • Arabella Philanthropy Investment Advisors
  • Center for Disaster Philanthropy
  • Air Traffic Control

Innovation Marketing

Community Engagement of Technical Advisors

Global Education Advisory Board 

  • This dedicated team of first rate external professionals in Education – formal and informal - offers skills to launch significant new technical programs while garnering substantial multi-year gifts
  • Personalized donor engagement connections

Livelihoods Council

  • Senior professionals in financial services industry provide sharp new thinking for technical field work such as microfinance programs while raising partner interest and substantial cash contributions for Innovations Fund
Myanmar2005 - 2008

As Director of Communications, providing branded and unbranded media and educational field support to 19 products and several medical services, I was able to directly affect the national consumer uptake of goods and services to help save lives – and improve health of poor and vulnerable people in Myanmar. I built solid relationships with donors and developed superior skills in the social marketing of behaviors to influence individual health. 


19 branded products

Diverse materials for malaria awareness

Launch QC brand of HIV VCT

Targeted Outreach Program for sex workers and men who have sex with men

National media campaigns for malaria, HIV, and TB diagnosis and treatment


Creative leadership in Asian context

Use of ancient cultural mores for marketing and communications

Direct national malaria reduction program

Generate celebrity endorsements

High quality mass media campaigns (.pdf)

Intensive evidence based outreach communications for field staff use

Donor advocacy

Statistical evidence of behavior change

Studio work for film making, radio, print and design work

Promote communications to national censor boards

On Proposal writing team to bring in over $8,000,000 per year

Government advocacy

Lead creative unit of 25 media professionals

Grew productivity from 100 to over 400 communications pieces developed per year

Served as Interim Director for 6 months annum

Malawi2000 - 2005

Poverty and disease abound. My work as Operations Director and later, Communications Director for the world’s leading social marketing organization Population Services International, in Malawi, focused attention on making the working systems serve public health impact. In addition to commercial branding and product launches, I was on the team that founded two ongoing national behavior change communications programs: Youth Alert! and Pakachere.


Chishango condom is re-branded for modern Malawian men

Launched WaterGuard safe water treatment

Chitetezo mosquito nets and insecticide treatment

Thanzi Oral Rehydration Salts

Faith Based programming

Youth Alert! Lifeskills program

Youth Alert! - Mix weekly radio show for youth in Malawi

Pakachere Health and Development Communications

Trusted Partner Campaign


Market research

Qualitative focus groups

Creative development

Packaging, media campaigns: mobile, outdoor, TV, radio, print

Financial oversight

Sales over 5 million units with government clinics

Commercial marketing and communications skills

Coordination of Diverse Religious denominations

Change management of underperforming company

Audit management

Development of video production unit

Built Communications Unit

National school based  program

Set up of radio show production studio

Oversight of youth program development

Founded Malawi franchise of Soul City Institute for Health and Development Communications

Operational control of 150 staff



Mozambique1998 - 2000

As a Country Representative for a USAID-funded project in Portuguese–speaking Mozambique I provided leadership in management and program capacity building for local non-profit organizations in the remote North. In the capital Maputo, our coalition of national and international partners produced an acclaimed cutting-edge, digitally-produced, HIV communications campaign for youth.


  • african_poster_1Media poster series on HIV Awareness for youth in Mozambique
  • Capacity building brand rollout in Mozambique


  • Portuguese language skills
  • Organizational Assessment tool development
  • All aspects of Non Governmental Organizational Development for Health NGOs and Micro Credit NGOs in rural northern mozambique
  • USAID grant management
  • african_poster_2Collaboration with National AIDS Council
  • Led local and expatriate staff
  • Corporate representation as chief of party of US based int'l development company
  • Proposal writing
  • Exit strategy development
  • Collaboration with PSI
United States1991 - 1992

1992-1995 Art for social change in prisons - Running the art program for prisoners in Connecticut honed several skills: fund raising, working with diverse cultures and disenfranchised groups, dealing with volatile situations and tough partners. Creative work included publishing, exhibitions, and early web-based technologies. I produced Sam Connor’s Togo Songbook with top musicians.

1995-1998 Social Marketing for behavior change in prisons - Beyond Fear HIV Awareness Program for prisoners embodied social marketing: high-energy entrepreneurial practices to influence consumers’ behavior. The impact of our work on prisoners began to be measured by social and health scientists; creative products emanated from national publishing houses and Centers for Disease Control.

PRODUCT 1992 - 1995

  • Art program brand promotion
  • Ann_McClendon_quote_fsNEA / CCfH addiction series - view pdf
  • Exhibition invites
  • Cartoon
  • Catalyst_coverArt in Corrections Journal on internet
  • Equal People Publishing Company
  • Jacana-logo_fsSam Connor’s Togo Songbook CD and Jacana recording company logo

NON-PRODUCT 1992 - 1995

  • Study of non profit management
  • Annual_Show_1994_poster_fsTeaching art for social change
  • Proposal writing
  • Coordination of teams of artists
  • Strategic planning
  • HTML based Web site development
  • Political advocacy
  • Audio production values
  • Branding
  • Intellectual property rights protection
  • Organizational development

PRODUCT 1995 - 1998

  • Beyond-Fear-LogoBeyond Fear
  • Video "Beyond Fear"
  • channing_bete2Nationally distributed educational graphic novels by Channing Bete

NON-PRODUCT 1995 - 1998

  • Branding and launching new program
  • pregnant_womanCurriculum design
  • Focus group design and facilitation
  • channing_bete1Coordination with senior state officials in prisons and health dept
  • Health research
  • Program measurement
  • Evidence based program feedback and design
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Participation in Kellog Int’l Fellowship for Community Development
  • Portuguese and Spanish language study


England1991 - 1992

Returning to my homeland England in my late twenties I had an opportunity to translate what I had learned in Africa and consider application at the macro level. Working variously with environmentalists and corporate entities exposed me to both commercial and charity work in the UK. Music performance remains prominent.


  • Launch Speech Services Corporate Brandzarbo_1
  • Ecologist magazine
  • Voice Powerzarbo_2


  • Corporate relations
  • Sales
  • Training services
  • Group Facilitation
  • Book review
  • Environmental Research
Togo1987 - 1990

These dynamic years living in a mud hut in the compound of a village family and running the national appropriate technology center in Lama Kara taught me the value of social cohesion and mobilization, the importance of human-scale development work, and the value of a strong philosophical foundation. Collaboration and creativity also generated original music compositions.


  • Improved cook stoves
  • hand-dug-wellsHand dug wells
  • Water catchment cisterns
  • cookerSolar energy cookers and hot water heaters


  • French language skills
  • Management of national technology center
  • Social mobilization of womenTogo: Social Mobilization of Women
  • Fundraising advocacy to national government
  • Report writing
  • Training of new Peace Corps Volunteers